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Classical Principles for Modern Design by Thomas Jayne


Interior designer and decorative arts historian Thomas Jayne's latest book, "Classical Principles for Modern DesignLessons Learned from Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman's The Decoration of Houses", takes on Wharton and Codman's  famous1897 book which is acknowledged as the Bible of American interior design. He argues that Wharton and Codman’s fundamental ideas about the proportion and planning of space create the most harmonious and livable interiors, whether traditional or contemporary. 

His authoritative and engaging text traces current ideas about design elements and furnishing rooms back to Wharton and Codman and shows where his design approach coincides and diverges from their views via examples of his own work. 

The author will sign copies upon request or inscribe with a message of your choosing. If you would like to take us up on this option, please email after you have made your purchase to tell us what you would like Thomas to say inside your copy.